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Snowfall Leads to Dust-Free Fun at 2023 Rhino Rally: Brayton Races to Top Five Finish

Brayton Ercanbrack, the only team member who was able to get registered for the 2023 USRA Rhino Rally hosted by Wizards MC in Saint George Utah, put on a solid performance in the 125 amateur class. Despite tough competition and a challenging course, Brayton managed to finish 5th in class and 16th overall in the amateur division.

The event was packed, with a 300-entry limit for big bikes that was reached within days of the flyer being posted. Fortunately, there was very little dust on the course due to an unusual snowfall in the area prior to the race.

Brayton had high praise for the course, calling it "super fun" with "fast flowy washes" and lots of rocks. The start was sketchy, with lots of G-outs, but the rest of the course provided ample opportunity for high-speed thrills. The race was a true test of endurance, with over 100 miles to cover. Despite the grueling conditions, Brayton was able to push through and deliver an impressive performance.

We're proud of Brayton for his excellent showing at the 2023 USRA Rhino Rally, and we look forward to seeing what he can do in future races. Stay tuned for more updates on our team's racing adventures!

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