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Meet the Team

Kyle Gervais #26

Team Owner

"I was tired of standing on the sidelines just watching, I wanted to participate. I started racing in August of 2010 in a 7300 truck. 2014 was my first motorcycle race with BITD at the Vegas to Reno. Been riding dirt bikes since I was 6 years old at the farm in Oregon. Yes, I was bitten with the bug at a very young age."


2018 Wild West Series - 40+pro Champion

2018 Best in the Desert - 300pro Champion


Jayson Strachan

Truck Team Manager

Born in Michigan with a steering wheel in his hands, Jayson has been racing since he was very young, about 5 years old!  He didn't get into racing off road though until 2007 but has not looked back!  With several championships under his belt, he has a bright future ahead!


Travis Smith

Team Manager & Team Shop Owner
Blue Planet Scooters - SLC

From: Sacramento, CA
Riding Since: 1992​

"I have some good people in my life and I thank you all for being who you are and being there for me when things are good and when they suck. You're all motivators and an inspiration. Now, who wants to watch me fly a brick through the air!?."

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Tyson Hernandez #182

MX Manager & Wild West Series Owner

Local Pro and Owner of the regional Wild West Motocross Series, Tyson Hernandez is always on the go. With impeccable skills, we know that there couldn’t be a better person with us.

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Trainer with Towel

Guy Barrious #355

Core Team Member

With a mind for strategy, Guy Barrious makes every moto an exciting one. There is no wonder that Guy was chosen to be on the team, and we couldn’t be any prouder.

Profile Pic.jpg


Core Member - Team Spokes-model

From: Woods Cross, UT
Riding Since: 2012​

"Motocross is my entire life, I rode and competed on a 2014 yz250f, I raced all throughout Utah in the RMR, Wild west, and Rmx race series"

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Trainer with Grey Top


Core Team Member

From: Venezuela

Riding Since: 2013

Discipline: Motocross & Desert

"I won't be one of the fastest or the best riders, but one that most enjoys every day between friends and bikes. It's always important for me to learn and be able to teach what I know"

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2023 Profile pic.jpg


Sponsored Team Rider

From: Layton, Ut
Riding Since: 2014
Bike: Yamaha YZ250F
Discipline: Motocross & WORCS 


"Every Rider is different, none of us are the same but we are all one family no matter your number and name"

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Female Trainer with Pink Top


Sponsored Rider

Britton Hill
Riverton Utah
Riding since 2015
Desert Racer - USRA, BITD


"The worst thing you can do is give yourself an excuse as to why you're not achieving your goals" ~Gary Vaynerchuk

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2023 Profile 1.jpg


Core Team Member

From: Springville, UT
Riding Since: 1997​

Discipline: Enduro & Desert

"Most things don't come free and easy, however, often times, the things most worth it are also worth the effort. Don't ever forget to respect yourself and others for the struggles that they have gone through to get where they are going."

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Blonde Trainer

Maddi simpson #51

Sponsored Team Member
Discipline: National Motocross

Rounding off the younger end of our team member spectrum is 16 year old Maddi.  She is Samantha's younger sister and has a tenacity that can't be ignored.  She even has her own YouTube channel! 


Wesley Harvel

Core Team Member
Discipline: Enduro & Desert

Active duty Air force, Wes brings years of riding & racing experience to the team.

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Trainer with Black Top

Talon Hernandez #181

Sponsored Team Rider

Following in his father's footsteps, Talon has shown he has the Hernandez talent running through him.

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Trainer with Grey Top

Jorge "Jota" Bernal #754

Sponsored Rider

From the beautiful country of Venezuela, another experienced enduro rider and racer. Jota made the move from our riding club to the race team for the upcoming 2023 race season. A true Vet rider, Jota has been riding since the early 90's.

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2023 Profile pic.jpg

Brandon Pena #60

Sponsored Rider

Brandon comes from a family in Venezuela with a rich history in motocross and enduro racing. His father, a national enduro champion, raised his son with a strong competitive ambition and work ethic. Brandon brings years of experience and skill to the team. Brandon has moved from our MC club to our race team for 2023.

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Brandons profile pic.jpg

Chito "the Chef" Ruiz  #tbd

Sponsored Rider

Chito Ruiz is also from Venezuela and a long time friend of everyone's favorite team member, Carlos Moreno. Chito is always grilling something and keeping the team's bellies full!  He has also been part of our extended moto family and is now an official member of our race team.

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2023 Profile pic.jpg

Brayton ercanbrack  #77

Sponsored Rider
Discipline: Motocross & Desert

Brayton, our newest team member, started racing at the age of 7. With a strong passion for the off road community and a drive to give back. Brayton strives to someday run a team of his own.  We are happy to have a fresh and positive new member on the team!

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