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Waggoner takes top ten in first Pro BITD race!

Parker 250 was not only a rough learning experience but also a success. Xander had a great start till he crashed and got hucked over the bars by a rock 6 miles in. Luckily he wasn't beat up at all and was able to mount right back up and keep pushing forward. At one point he was 3rd in class on corrected time in the first lap. n13 was cruising on to hand it off to his partner Wes Harvel when at mile marker 77 the bike ran out of gas and Xander to push the bike about a mile until the awesome crew at #bitd hooked him up with a little gas to get back to the main pic! At mile marker 13 Wes had a chain malfunction and the chain was stuck and wrapped up in the sprocket, luckily he had tools to get it taken care of and limp the bike to the Alt Pit. Wes got the help he needed from our awesome pit support. They got the YZ450F fixed back on course to the finish just minutes behind the leader Skyler Howes. With a Grand Prix finish it prevented the n13 from doing beginning their 3rd lap. They finished and that's what matters! They got full points for the race and now are able to better plan for the next one! Such a big thanks to everyone who helped us get to this awesome race! Utah Off Road Racing, Viral Brand, Blue Planet Scooters, Epic 1 Productions, No Toil, Acerbis USA, Chidester Transport Racing and maXconnect Marketing

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