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Partnering for Performance: Utah Off Road Racing and Viral Brand Goggles.

Utah Off Road Racing is proud to announce its continued partnership with Viral Brand Goggles. Our partnership with Viral Brand started in the summer of 2017 and has only continued to grow stronger since. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Scot Steffy, the founder of Viral Brand, and the mission behind Viral Brand Goggles.

Scot Steffy, the founding father of Viral Brand, is a passionate racer who started his professional racing career in the spring of 1983. With a background in team management and ownership, Scot founded Viral Brand LLC in September 2015 with his partner Steve, the owner of BPR Racing West Coast SX. Vision and Performance: For Scot, vision and performance go hand in hand. He learned this lesson from his father at a young age, and it has been a guiding principle in all of Viral Brand's goggle designs. The passion for goggles is evident in Viral Brand's commitment to bring innovative and industry-leading products to customers.

The year 2020 and the worldwide pandemic was a challenging time for many businesses, and Viral Brand was no exception. With limited supply and high demand, Viral Brand had to make a big decision. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Viral Brand decided to partner with distributors across the globe and shift away from dealer and consumer direct sales. This decision has proven to be one of the best for Viral Brand, as its new partners are motivated and industry-leading professionals.

At Utah Off Road Racing, we believe in Scot Steffy's mission and are proud to be a dealer of Viral Brand Goggles. Our team owner, Kyle Gervais, started a conversation with Scot Steffy after connecting on the athlete sponsorship platform Hookit. As a result of this conversation, Kyle became the Utah sales rep for Viral Brand and used the race team as a marketing tool. Our partnership with Viral Brand has only continued to grow stronger since then, and we are excited to bring unique and innovative products to our customers.

In conclusion, Utah Off Road Racing is proud to announce its continued partnership with Viral Brand Goggles. With a focus on vision and performance, Viral Brand is committed to bringing innovative products to customers. Our partnership with Viral Brand is a testament to our belief in their mission and the quality of their products. We look forward to continuing to bring Viral Brand Goggles to our customers and supporting their efforts to elevate the sport of motocross and off-road racing.


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