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🏁 Race Recap: Knolls Knockout - Carlos pushes through to checkered 🏁

Last weekend, our team rider Carlos Moreno showed true determination and skill at the 2023 USRA Knolls Knockout! Despite facing some challenges, Carlos pushed through and completed both loops with unwavering determination.

Carlos faced oil loss and severe clutch fade during the race, but that didn’t stop him from giving it his all. It’s a testament to his resilience. Carlos’s unwavering focus and skill allowed him to conquer the demanding course at Knolls OHV Recreation Area.

We’re proud to have Carlos as part of our team, and his determination inspires us all. No matter the obstacles, Carlos remains undeterred and always gives his best on the track. His commitment to pushing through adversity embodies the spirit of Utah Off Road Racing.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to dominate the desert series and overcome every challenge that comes our way. Huge congratulations to Carlos for his outstanding performance at the Knolls Knockout!

👊🏻 Keep charging, Carlos! 👊🏻

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