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Hill Conquers Parker 250 with Chidister Racing.

..Photo by Jeff Parker of Don Rig'd Photography..


Britton Hill and Ryan Chidister had a wild race this past weekend in Parker, AZ. It was Britton's first race as an Expert and he is going for the series championship. Let's here from Ryan himself on how the weekend went.

.....This weekend was one hell of a ride. Had a blast down in Arizona at the Best in the Desert Parker 250. Can't thank everyone enough for the support their time put in and most of all their love and friendship that we all hold and value as a bond with one and other.

I was asked by my friend Britton to come race with him as a team to try and win our class in the Parker 250. It was an honor to come ride with you my friend. We mapped out the way we would transition our time on and off the bike. He asked me to start the race both doing almost half of the race split. I did the first 30 miles to the midway pit. It was dusty and technical as far as not being able to see and hitting objects you did not see coming in your path. But hey, that is desert racing. As always I asked of God to keep us safe. I asked him to return me to my wife and family alive and unscathed.

I arrived to midway without a problem. Passed the bike off to Britton and he was off. From there it is a waiting game. So nerves start to fly. The good news, to pass time we had other team mates on there bikes coming in that kept me busy helping them out. Britton made it back to the pits again and it was my turn. I was feeling great and took off. I made it about 10 miles out and my luck would change. I was charging hard. Railing all the corners and putting in great time. I had caught up to one of the riders on Britton's team he rides with and was ready to make the pass. In the next corner I railed the out side pinned on the berm. My back tire came lose for a second and regained traction causing me to high side. Hitting my head and my right shoulder. It was a hard blow that left me with the air knocked out of me.

I laid there thinking oh God I collapsed my lungs. I was trying to breath. All those emotions from 2015 stormed in again feeling this is it. I did all I could to crawl back to the bike and hit the medical emergency button to notify I needed help. Knowing it may be to late before they get there. I begged God in my mind to let me breath. Then the breath came, I had air. A huge relief came over me. I knew I would be ok. But I felt that I had broken some ribs again and this wasn't looking good. I got up and picked up the bike. I cancelled the call for emergency.

Another rider checked on me that was passing. He stayed with me for a bit then I gave him the thumbs up. I got on the bike and started to make a charge again but no more then a few miles in I felt the popping in my ribs and my shoulder. I didn't want to let my team down. We had come all this way and after all this is what we love. I made the decision to turn around to see if I could get back to the pits and give Britton the bike so we can finish this race.

I got off course making sure I wasn't going backwards on course causing a problem for oncoming traffic. I didn't want us to get a DNF if I could get back to the pits so I made sure that I stayed off course but stay close enough to course that it would not cause a problem. I got to a crossroad where race official was sitting there asking him if it was okay to get back on course heading to the pits to where I could give the bike back to my partner. He directed me where to go and making sure that I was okay before I continued, he radio ahead to let them know that I was coming back.

I did what I could to charge as hard as I could to make sure we didn't lose too much time. I got back to the pits and Britton was ready waiting for me I apologize for making a mistake he said you're good man and he was off. I am glad that I made the decision to go back and not give up. Within doing so he was able to help us secure second place in our class instead of a DNF. So the day was not lost and the weekend was still a blast. I cannot thank everyone enough that stands behind me and all the racers. Britton, you put on one hell of a ride my friend. Hats off to you for saving the day and getting back on the bike. Eric, you are the man. You have raised one hell of a son and I see where he gets it from. Thank you for all you did for us. Thank you for tending to me and getting me back safely to my wife. I am thankful we got to meet and become friends and to be a friend with your son. Kyle, Wesley, Xander and Sarah thank you for all your help and all you did before and after the race. It means a lot to me and to Chidester transport. You guys are a great group of people. Hats off to you all. To my wife Nicole you never give up on me, you never told me to quit and even after this wreck I thought you would but you didn't. You know how much I love riding and racing. Thank you for standing by my side and for putting up with all my crap and all my scares that I put you through. As we said on our wedding day we will ride with each other til the end. I love you babe and I cannot wait for our little one to be born. To my son Memphys, I know you wasn't there but you're always with me. When we are apart you are still right by my side and in my heart. You are my hero and always will be. I love you.

Dean, Çønnië, Larry, Phyllis and Ryan thank you for all you guys do and did this weekend making it great and fun. Jacob and your parents for all there help and pit support. Awesome ride Jacob you are the man and a true competitor. Dallas and Carrie for all you do. Carrie you know how much this means to Dallas. For letting him do this and all the countless hours he puts in and not only him but you too. Thank you for giving me all that you guys give. For helping me get these awesome memories with my brother and with our family and race family. Words can't ever express the gratitude I have for you guys. I love you.

To all the sponsors that back us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all are amazing.

Last is the update. I found out I have one broken rib and some internal bruising as of right now that is all that's going on I'm wearing a sling on my arm and just taking things easy. As the swelling goes down and I start to heal I hope that I'll get more movement from my arm and I will not have to have surgery on my rotator cuff. the doctor is hopeful that it's just bruising. Thanks again to everyone my hat is off to you all.

Much love,


"Thanks to everyone who had my back in this race. A wreck by my team mate dropped us behind the leader and we didn't have enough to catch back up to them. I appreciate my team mate Ryan Chidester for being a super stud and riding back to the pit with broken bones so I could finish the race and not have a DNF." ~Britton Hill

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