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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.... Utah Off Road Racing signs with SOLOSHOT!

We are happy and proud to announce our partnership with SOLOSHOT. SOLOSHOT is your automated camera man, SOLOSHOT automatically pans, tilts, and zooms as it tracks and films the subject from up to 2,000 ft. for up to 4 hours.

Filming and producing our events have been a challenge. It has required multiple people using several camera devices. More over, we have seen great success with Facebook live. With SOLOSHOT we will now be able to film and live stream our riders during their races and other actives automatically. SOLOSHOT will also allow us to provide multiple angles that include sound of the surrounding environment.

We are very excited about the opportunity SOLOSHOT has given us and look forward to using this great new technology. Please take a look at their website and think about how SOLOSHOT can enhance your videos at

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