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Utah Off Road Racing Expands with Four Exciting New Riders

Exciting news for the Utah Off Road Racing team! We are thrilled to welcome four new riders to the team for the 2023 race season.

First up is Jorge "Jota" Bernal #754. Jota is a seasoned enduro rider and racer from Venezuela, who brings years of experience and skill to the team. With a passion for riding that dates back to the early 90s, Jota is sure to make an impact on the track.

Next, we welcome Brandon Pena #160 to the team. Brandon comes from a family with a rich history in motocross and enduro racing, and his father, a national enduro champion, has instilled a strong competitive ambition and work ethic in him. With years of experience under his belt, Brandon is ready to take on the competition.

Chito "the Chef" Ruiz #822 is also joining our team. As a long-time friend of team member Carlos Moreno, Chito is a familiar face in the Utah Off Road Racing family. Known for keeping the team's bellies full with his grilling skills, Chito is now an official member of our race team.

Finally, we are excited to welcome Brayton Ercanbrack #77 to the team. With a passion for the off-road community and a drive to give back, Brayton started racing at the age of 7 and has a bright future ahead of him. We are happy to have such a fresh and positive new member on the team.

With these new additions to the team, we are confident that the 2023 race season will be our best yet. Keep an eye out for Jota, Brandon, Chito, and Brayton on the track, and cheer them on as they represent Utah Off Road Racing!


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